Who am I?

Personal Details

  • First name: Guillaume
  • Last name: Martinez
  • Date of birth: January 19th 1994
  • Nationality: French
  • Address: Paris
  • Email: guillaume.martinez01@gmail.com

ProfesSional Profile

I astudent in a Master Degree at Telecom Ecole de Management (Mines-Telecom Institute).
I’m currently in interim year. This year has been shared between a six months internship as Web Marketing Assistant and a semester abroad in New York.
In september 2017, I’m going to start the last year of my Master Degree in Strategic Management.
It’s a sandwich training (3 weeks / 1 week) and I remain open to all proposals in Marketing.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2016 June - 2016 December

La Régie Emploi

Web Marketing Assistant

In the Marketing team of the society La Régie Emploi, web editor of the job boards, Jobintree.com and Jemepropose.com, my tasks were as follow:

• Webmarketing campaign: SEO, SEA, Display, Affiliation
• Reporting and statistical analysis
• Creation of sales and marketing support
• New Facebook marketing plan
• Competitive intelligence
• Newsletters

I am completely satisfied with this experience which has allowed me to get a lot of various competences in Digital Marketing.

2015 June - 2015 August

Clos des Coustoulins

Marketing and Communication Assistant

I participated to the beginning of a luxury and innovative tourism activity. During my internship my tasks were :

• A complete market research of the bnb industry in France and abroad.
• A benchmark which allowed me to collect useful informations and ideas for the activity
• The identification of the target customers
• The positioning to set up the marketing and communication plan
• The choice of the differents communication channels (press, social media, web…)
• SEO, SEA (Google Analytics and Google Adwords)
• Social media strategy
• Research of partners

This internship allowed me to have a lot of freedom in my work and this is the thing that I prefer when I work. I had a big responsability because I was in charge of all the Marketing and Communication strategy of the company and I loved it. Finally, taking a step back, I can say that was probably the most interesting work experience I have had so far because I had to manage to succeed by myself. So I gained experience and confidence with this adventure.

By the way, I’m still in touch with the establishment and I continue to help them on different projects.

2014 April - 2014 June


Wine Sales Assistant in mass market retailing

Within the AdVini group, 3rd french winery, my responsabilities were :

• Commercial prospection
• Trade negotiation (suggestion of new products or point-of-sale promotion in anticipation of next summer…)
• Rearrangement of wine sections of different supermarkets in the aim of showcasing rosé wine as summer approaches
• Competitive intelligence

This was my first real job experience and even if it was difficult at the beginning to get responsabilities, I finally enjoyed this experience. Moreover because I am interested in wine.

My Education


2017 February - 2017 June

Kaplan International Center

Intensive English classes

I am currently in the Kaplan School of New York – Empire State Building.

I am now in the proficiency level class and I still have 6 weeks of class.

I am very happy with my choice to come in a Language School instead of a common university exchange. Indeed, my english level has really improved to reach a C2 level. Consequently, I can candidate to any offer which request a very good level of english.

2014 September - 2018 June

Telecom Ecole de Management

Master Grande Ecole

My interest in Web, innovation and Marketing drived me to choose Telecom EM. Indeed, this school is different from the other business schools by its IT orientation.

Some courses I have taken :
• Entrepreneurship in a digital world
• Marketing & Digital Marketing
• The basics of programming : Unix, Java, SQL

Associative activities :
• Partnership Manager for the Gala of the schools Telecom
• Three missions for Sprint Junior Entreprise (cold-calling, market analysis)
• Member of a Student Body – In charge of travels organization

Important projects :
• 3 months project : start-up OLO (Personnal hologram assistant)
• Entrepreneurship Challenge of the schools Telecom (100 teams)

2012 September - 2014 June

IUT de Montpellier-Sète

DUT Techniques de Commercialisation

Between theory and professional side, the DUT Techniques de Commercialisation was the best way to integrate a great business school.

Some courses I have followed :

• Direct Marketing, Operational Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Point of Sale Marketing
• Communication
• Distribution
• Geopolitic

Important projects :
• 8 months supervised project  : Communication for the 30th congress anniversary of the “Association Française du Marketing” (Smartphone application set up, special 30th anniversary logo, pamphlet and press release)
• Australian Olive Oil Market Analysis in order to consider export for the up-market oil-works of Clermont l’Hérault


  • Annick Launay

    Marketing Director

    Je recommande Guillaume pour son sérieux, son savoir-être en entreprise, son efficacité et son envie d’apprendre. Il a effectué au mieux les tâches attribuées (rédaction de contenus, envoi d’emailing, reporting statistiques, animation des réseaux sociaux, benchmark…). Guillaume est une personne fiable, sur laquelle on peut compter.

  • Franck Ferrua

    Marketing Director

    Guillaume, l’entreprise qui te recrutera pour ton stage sera chanceuse à la fois pour ton implication, tes valeurs, ta conscience professionnelle et ton bon sens… Autant de qualités que j’ai pu apprécier sur les projets que nous avons menés ensemble. Bonne continuation.

What I am good at

Skills & Knowledge


Microsoft Office90%
Google Adwords75%
Google Analytics85%




  • Market analysis
  • Benchmark
  • Business Plan
  • Project management
  • Business intelligence
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • SEO, SEM, Display, Affiliation
  • DoubleClik for Publisher
  • Social media marketing plan
  • Graphic content creation
  • Community Management
  • E-mailing
  • CRM

Hobbies & Interests

  • Sports


    football - tennis - ski - wakeboard - bodyboard - running

  • Travel


    USA - Scotland - England - Spain - Italy - Croatia - Bosnia - Hungary - Greece - Bali - Morocco - Mauritius - Seychelles

  • Innovation


    New technologies - Connected object

  • Entrepreneurship


    New business start up

  • Series


    Peaky Blinders - Suits - Narcos - Game of Thrones - Breaking Bad - Sons of Anarchy - Mad Men - Vikings - Sherlock - Mafiosa - Californication - Mr.Robot - ...

  • Video Games

    Video Games

    Football - War


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    One semester Entrepreneurship Project

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    Clos des Coustoulins


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    Jobintree “stat’ de la semaine”


  • + >

    Jobintree “stat’ de la semaine”


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    Jobintree website traffic


  • + >

    Jobintree website Traffic


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    Jemepropose traffic


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    Jemepropose user acquisition



Start up Hol in

The challenge was organized by the incubator of the schools Telecom SudParis and Telecom Ecole de Management.
500 participants in 100 mixed engineer / manager teams looking for creating an innovating company.

With my team, we created a virtual hologram assistant for hotel rooms. This product was creating a benefif for hotels (customer loyalty) but also for customers (creation of a profile by machine learning and suggestion of visits, restaurants… according to past experiences).

I've principally taken care of the Marketing aspects of the project :
- Market analysis
- Consumer profile
- Maketing plan
- Development plan for the next 3 years

But also financial part:
- Income statement for 3 years
- Financial plan for 3 years
- Cash flow forecast for 3 years

Finally I created the logo, layout of the business plan and Powerpoint presentation of the project.

Start-up OLO

OLO Project

During my Master 1 option "Lean Start Up and Business Model" we realized during 3 months the business plan of "OLO", an hologram virtual assistant.
My main tasks were Market Analysis, Consumers Analysis and Marketing Mix.

It was a very serious and intructive project with the support of plenty of skilled entrepreneurs.

Clos des Coustoulins

Social Media Marketing Plan

After my internship in "Le Clos des Coustoulins", I have continued to work with the team in order to implement the Social Media Strategy.

It was principally to define a publication strategy on Facebook and Instagram.

Nowadays, I still continue to help them for different projects, such as obtaining labels or finding new ideas.

Graphic Design Jobintree

Social Media

In order to increase the company's online visibility, I created different graphic contents. Including the heading "La Stat' de la semaine".

This allowed to reach a younger audience than before and got an increase of "likes" on the page.

Graphic Creation Jobintree

Social Media

In order to increase the company's online visibility, I created different graphic contents. Including the heading "La Stat' de la semaine".

This allowed to reach a younger audience than before and got an increase of "likes" on the page.

Graphic Design Jobintree

Website Traffic

With the intention of increasing the website traffic, I created some graphic contents presenting the different employment sectors on the website.

This allowed to grow the number of applications from Facebook because job seeker were directly targeted.

Graphic Design Jobintree

Website Traffic

With the intention of increasing the website traffic, I created several graphic contents presenting the different employment sectors on the website.

Knowing that people like when you talk about their region I decided to create these contents in order another time to get more visitors and applications.

Jemepropose traffic acquisition

Social Media

In order to involve new visitors and to increase the traffic on the website "Jemepropose", I analyzed per month, which categories of this one were the most succesful.

Consequently, I have created different graphic contents.

Jemepropose user acquisition

Social Media

I analyzed on Google Analytics, which categories of the website needed more job offers.

Then, I have created different graphic contents to encourage people to post an offer on our website.